Hi. I’m adopting a kitty around September she should be old enough. I was just…

Hi. I’m adopting a kitty around September she should be old enough. I was just told she was born without an ear. Is there anything I should worry about and medical extra expenses. Or would she be just as normal if she had two ears. I was told she was a Siamese mix. Has anyone has a kitty like this before

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Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

Hello. Where/who are you adopting this kitten from? If from a breeder they should know if it was a birth defect or from some kind of trauma. In general we worry more about birth defects because if there is one there may be more. If it was trauma then probably the rest of her is fine. In our clinic we advise seeing a vet within 3 days of adopting a new pet. Until you know the cause of the missing ear and getting her checked by your vet it is very difficult to know the future needs and expenses. I… Read more »

Shiria Seelenlicht
5 years ago

Is only the auricle missing, or is the inner ear also affected? I haven’t had a kitty with a missing ear myself, but I know cats were the auricle is missing (most likely due to trauma). These cats don’t show any problems with their missing ear. If the inner ear is also affected she may be deaf on that ear, but even that shouldn’t be a problem. I had a deaf cat myself, and she was as happy as a hearing cat. Where do you get the cat from? Can you ask there what the cause for the missing ear… Read more »