I recently got a kitten and he doesn’t seem to want to use the kitty…

I recently got a kitten and he doesn’t seem to want to use the kitty litter? he has been taught to use it by the previous owner but he just keeps peeing on my floor and wherever basically! And also he keeps eating the kitty litter!??? HELPPP

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5 years ago

Hayley,,We usually use like the large “sweater boxes’,,,they look like large shallow Rubbermaid containers that usually slide underneath a bed…they work great for litter pans. Plenty large for the cats to use . As long as she’s peeing and pooping she’s prob ok and hasn’t eaten too much of the clumping. But def use the plain or non clumping, or switch over to shredded paper or just dirt/sand/soil like Dr. Magnifico recommended. Good luck!!!

5 years ago

oh, also, make sure that your kitten is getting enough food..kittens eat A LOT, so make sure that it has access to fresh dry or wet or whatever you are feeding, and fresh water

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hi Hayley,
Can you contact the previous owner and ask what kind of cat litter they were using? Try using shredded newspaper until you can find out. Please do not use the type of cat litter that is “clumping” …it will block up the kittens digestive tract and cause issues if he is eating it. Use the plain cat litter , or use sawdust, pellets or shredded paper.
Also, confine the kitten to a smaller space until this is fixed. Like a large crate or even a bathroom. Make sure the litter box is large.