My cat had 2 kittens around 9:30 this morning and she has stopped. She has…

My cat had 2 kittens around 9:30 this morning and she has stopped. She has gotten up once to eat and that’s it. She has been cleaning the others but it feels like she still has one more in her. I don’t have a way to the vet and I really need help.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

There is no credible advice I can give you without a vets assistance. They could at least palpate her abdomen, take an X-ray, give you a better idea of whether there are kittens left inside. If there are they may need to be delivered via ceasaran section. Cats can take time between babies so if she is acting normally it might be ok to continue to monitor. If you are worried you can call the local shelters or rescues to try to find her help. Please spay her. So you can avoid this predicament in the future. I hope she… Read more »

2 years ago

I’m sorry, but if there is a chance that she still has a kitten inside, she should get to a vet. Especially given how long it’s been now. I hope she’s ok- congrats on the babies??

2 years ago

Are you in an area where there is no Lyft, Uber, or other taxi service? Your queen needs a vet. She should have been seen during her pregnancy, as well.