My new kitten won’t us ethe bathroom and hardly eats its been 24 hours or…

My new kitten won’t us ethe bathroom and hardly eats its been 24 hours or more, we tried a kitten attract litter and mouisting its food but nothing will work;

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Joe Mccollum
5 years ago

Your kitten is probably not using the litter box because there is not enough food in the gi tract to stimulate a bowel movement. Your kitten needs to be eating normally (I don’t know the size or age so I can’t recommend an amount). Do not use milk. Use kitten formula or kitten food (wet or dry is fine). If this kitten isn’t eating normally within 12 hours see the vet. I worry you have a sick kitten.

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

How old is your kitten?

Try offering different kinds of food..CANNED food , the stinkier the better-CANNED Friskies PATE’ (get the Pate’ kind, not the chunks) is great, most kittens gobble it up. A trip to the vet sounds like it’s in order too.

All the best,


Alice Maya
5 years ago

Mandy it is too young for food try milk and tack it out side so it can eat some grass that will help it vomit up any thing in her stomach making her sick of this dose not work a) wait for another answer b) check google and YouTube c) see the vet or call them

Alice Maya
5 years ago

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Alice Maya
5 years ago

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