I guess the real question is how long would it take for their body to…

I guess the real question is how long would it take for their body to fill back up with blood and reach all of their muscles, etc…

We’re rescuing a baby kitten who ( was ) absolutely covered in fleas to the point of anemia. We’ve taken care of those rascals, but the kitten had become anemic from losing so much blood before we saved her.

I know the best solution is a vet, but with it being so costly and us saving her on such short notice, we can’t afford it for the time being.

She’s only about 4 weeks old, max. We’ve had to force feed her because she’s too weak/depressed to eat. She has gotten up time and again to move but, you can tell she has almost no strength at all.

I certainly know she’s on the brink, but my hope is now that the fleas are gone, the blood can properly flow through her body and not be lost. And that this will help her regain her health.

Any answers will help. I guess I would be happiest to know:
1) How quick will the blood fill her body again, so that, ( even if unnoticeable ) she’s actually got enough blood flow to live.
2) How soon, if recovering, should I expect her to actually feel somewhat active, even if just to walk around more, breathe slower, have pinker gums.

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Joe Mccollum
5 years ago

What type of Anemia?