My kitten is 6 months old. She had issues with litter training. She was wetting…

My kitten is 6 months old. She had issues with litter training. She was wetting the bed (guest bed) so we started using news paper and stripped the mattress. We transitioned from news paper to litter no problem. I started sleeping in the guest bedroom with her with just sheets. We haven’t had an accident in 2 weeks. Today my wife and I were switching the sheets to the old set (they’ve been washed, we used neutralizer, and we used pheromone spray on them) she immediately had an accident. HELP!

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

In my experience (a Long vet life) I will say hat this is very uncommon for kittens to have litter box aversion for a behavioral reason. Your kitten needs to see a vet ASAP! I expect that an exam, urine and fecal sample are all indicated. Please (PLEASE!!) don’t wait or ignore or assume it isn’t a medical issue. Also always keep multiple clean (scoop daily at min), woh lots of sizes and shapes of the litter boxes and try different litters. If (only after the vet rules out a medical issue) should you discuss behavioral training.

2 years ago

Laura has a point. You should probably get to the vet to rule out anything medical. If she’s healthy, you may want to try moving the litter box to a different spot. Our cat needs 2 litter boxes… you may want to see if your cat needs more than one as well. Best of luck.

2 years ago

Maybe there’s something about that particular set of sheets? Have you had her checked for any medical issues?