I brought her the other day from a lady who had her for around a…

I brought her the other day from a lady who had her for around a week.. apparently she was 6 week old when she got her. That would maker her 7 weeks old.. only she is very small, her eyes have not gotten to the stage they should have, and she doesn’t eat cat food.

I have given her scrabbled egg, and some wheatabix thanks x

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5 years ago

first off: you need to notify your vet.

she may need kitten milk (NOT BOVINE MILK).  she may need canned cat food.  wheatabix…are you referring to the human cereal?  this is not nutritionally complete.  please stop feeding this to her.  call your vet and ask them.

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hi Kayleigh,Def take your kitten to a vet to get checked out..so many things could be wrong.At 7 weeks she should be eating kitten food-either canned or dry ….she shouldn’t need any kitten milk replacer (made esp for kittens, this is not cow milk) Try stinky canned food. Not sure what’s available in the UK..Here in the USA we usually give Friskies pate canned kitten food,,it’s pretty stinky and kittens seem to like it. ,,you can try putting some juice from a can of tuna fish drizzled over the top of kitten dry or canned food and see if she… Read more »