5.5 kgs(12 pounds) neutered male 8 years old tabby cat.(was neutered at 7 months old) He…

5.5 kgs(12 pounds) neutered male 8 years old tabby cat.(was neutered at 7 months old)
He was diagnosesd with urinary tract infection 1 month ago, he used Prunol, and was fine after medication. 3 days later he had his first epileptic seizure.
1 month passed, now he has an epileptic seizure every 8 hours. We have the footage of the seizure and can send it if requested.

Symptoms also include:
– a lot of foamy saliva comes out of his mouth
– uncontrolled muscle movements and release of the bladder which leads to him running into a wall, turning and twisting, having trouble breathing.
– the seizure takes around 30 secounds.
– after the seizure he has a 5 to 10 minute calming period and then he starts eating and drinking a lot.

Veterinarian suggested Tegretol (includes Carbamazepine), and said we should give him 0.1 mililiters orally and also said even 1 dose can be lethal. What do you suggest?

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Krista Magnifico

Hello, it is important to try to identify a cause to the seizures. From there you can explore and discuss treatment options. I always scrutinize every patient with seizures diet, supplements and medications. i usually also remove all medications from their regimen and switch the food (or at least throw out the current bag). I also ask all family members what medications they are using or applying. Think about all household cleaners as many can be toxic. Remove all smoking from the home. Change clothes if you do smoke before you come inside. If seizures persist ask about any epileptic… Read more »