My cat keeps playing in/ spilling her water in her water bowl, what should i…

My cat keeps playing in/ spilling her water in her water bowl, what should i do?!
My cat keeps putting her paws in her water bowl. Lately it has gotten worse, she is now spilling her water everywhere on the floor. I give her fresh water everyday. I am thinking about getting her a filter moving water bowl, but im afraid that will be a wast of money and she will just spill the water in that too. The result of my cat spilling water everywhere isnt just a mess on the floor, she isnt getting water because of this. She has no water inher bowl and the water on floor either dries up itself or i wipe it up. I really dont know what to do and need advice!

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

It sounds like she is playing. Can you provide her a place to play with water? Like Sarah mentions above? Even a water garden that grows Cat grass? Or a cat tree, scratching mats, or a car garden for her. Cats love to play and love organic materials. Make sure they are safe and in a safe place.

1 year ago

Good morning? We had a cat once that would tip her water bowl and drag it around? I actually ended up having one big water dish for her and all the dogs- a stainless bowl for dogs that is sort of “ anti-tip” in that it is made where the sides flare out on the way to the floor. (Sort of like a volcano) It has rubber on the bottom as well- and frankly is too big for her to drag around anyway. Hope this is helpful. Happy Holidays!!