I just moved out of a house i’ve been living in for a year now…

I just moved out of a house i’ve been living in for a year now and I’ve spent three nights in the new house and I cannot get my cat Roo to “calm down” I’m not sure how he’s acting during the day because I do have him and his brother locked away in my room while i’m working. My roommate has a cat too and we haven’t had the chance to properly introduce the cats so that’s why i’ve been locking them up. The other night he whined and cried for hours.. I could not get him to relax in the middle of the night. He was scratching at my armoire mirror and getting in my blinds and scratching at the window. I thought he was sick or something the way he was communicating with me. When I grab him and make him “lay down” with me he is purring and rubbing all against me but as soon as I stop he goes back to that loud whine and cry. I feel like I have an infant that I cant get to stop crying and I don’t know what to do? Do you think he has anxiety or he smells the other cat or he’s just confused from the move and change of scene? Please let me know what your opinion or suggestions are! Thanks!

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

The vet in me always has to be concerned about a health issue. After this is cleared i would go to behavioral issues and start with stress. Moving to a new place is really stressful for pets. Made worse by your absence to help her through the transition. Maybe a slower approach and things like catnip, toys and even crafting her when you are away might help. If all else fails ask the vet for help. Anti anxiety meds can help with the transition too