she is already on hypoallergenic food. First it was around her tail and anus…

she is already on hypoallergenic food. First it was around her tail and anus but now she has cut her neck and made it red and sore and pulled out her fur. I really don’t know what to do and my family are suggesting I put her up for adoption. Can you please help me??


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julie brader
5 years ago

Hello Sara….firstly I definately don’t agree with putting her up for adoption!! You can’t just throw a dog off like an old coat becsuse she has a problem….and pass it on to someone else to deal with. Thats unethical, against the commitment you made when you gave her a home and totally unfair on your dog. This sounds like an allergy. It could also be the food even if its holistic You don’t say what food you are using but perhaps a home made diet with no additives/preservatives or grain would be a better option. Have a look at Lilys… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Hi Sara, very pleased you feel that way and good for you helping the dogs at the RSPCA. I’ve just had a look at Batking Heads ingredients. To be honest there are better kibbles out there. If you really want to keep her on kibble Burns is very good, as is James Wellbeloved. However they both contain grain even if its only brown rice. Dogs cannot digest grain which is why they tend to do more poohs on kibble….it just comes out the other end. With her skin as bad as this I really would go for a totally natural… Read more »