My small Jack Russell needs things to do in the house / garden. He is…

My small Jack Russell needs things to do in the house / garden. He is 5 months old. Any help?

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Linda Bradley
5 years ago

I just googled “games for puppies indoors” and dozens of sites came up.  As Jana said, ‘puppies need interaction’.  It isn’t necessary that you spend every minute playing with puppy and at 5 months, he probably still naps quite a bit.  He also needs to have quiet time in his crate to learn that it is ok to be alone.  Are there dog training classes in your community?  Many will have a puppy class and the instructor can give you ideas for games.   I would not give him light-weight plastic yogurt cups.  He could cut his mouth with a sharp… Read more »

Jana Rade
5 years ago

Puppies need interaction. If you play with your puppy they will be more satisfied. You can play training or other games. Go for walks. Above that, you could try some of the interactive toys where it takes some thinking and effort to get the treats out. Good eatable chew toys, such as beef tendons might keep his interest longer as well.

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hello! Congrats on your pup! You can do a search for games and ideas for toys online. You can also try some tried and true things such as kong toys –one’s that have open areas you can stuff peanut butter or treats into. They have toys that are like a hamster ball (usually softer plastic) that have a whole where a small piece of dog food will fall out as they roll it around on the floor. Try different types of chew toys too, puppies need to chew so offer them toys that allow this. There are all sorts of… Read more »