IVDD; my 7lbs 4 1/2 yr Maltese was recently diagnosed with IVDD. After 9days of…

IVDD; my 7lbs 4 1/2 yr Maltese was recently diagnosed with IVDD. After 9days of conservative tx, we are already seeing improvement and she is able to stand and walk again. She had 3 lame legs-paresis/weakness and deep pain sensation but could not walk and was in excruciating pain-still in moderate pain. Just wondering how many acute episodes of disc ruptured has your dog had after the 1st episode after your dog was 1st diagnosed? I read a sad statistics in a vet medicine journal that even after 1st surgery and recovery; 50% of dogs diagnosed with IVDD are euthanized secondary to subsequent acute painful episodes and paralysis. That’s a high rate! Just trying to prepare ourselves as to what to expect in the future. Any studies done on IVDD and how many episodes they have in their average life span. They do have over 20+ vertebrae that could each degenerate and pinch the spinal cord again right?

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Judith H.

Hi! I am glad that you are seeing improvement with your pup. My beagle, Abbie, had a ruptured disk in her neck when she was 12 years old. She underwent surgery during which the neurosurgeon repaired the ruptured disk and also cleaned out the other discs in her neck, thus reducing the chances of getting another rupture in her neck. Unfortunately, Abbie had a partially ruptured disc in her lower spine which gradually caused more and more pain. Due to her advancing age, we opted not to do another surgical repair. I tried all alternative treatments available and many different… Read more »

Krista Magnifico

Hello! I think many people euthanize because they cannot adequately care for their dog with such a dabilating disease, or they getvfrustrated the process of recovery takes so long, or they don’t want to care for a paralyzed pet. Do I believe that 50% of these pets warrant euthanasia. No! But it can be a big toll on parents emotionally and financially and many can’t manage the recovery. I wish you guys the best. And remember that some dogs don’t ever recover 100% but that doesn’t mean they still don’t have a life left to live, even if it isn’t… Read more »