My 2 year old boy cat isn’t eating that much and doesn’t play anymore and…

My 2 year old boy cat isn’t eating that much and doesn’t play anymore and sits in the same spot everyday. He was really active before we went homeless from June 2017 to November 2017, during that time he ran away twice while we were sleeping in the woods because we had nowhere to go. Ever since he just doesn’t play anymore and the past 2 months he hasn’t been eating that much. I got a girl kitty around May, she’s a hyper girl and I thought they’d play a lot more but he doesn’t seem to like her. Is there anyway I can get them to play together and what do I do about him eating less? He used to come running when I put food down and now he just sits on the table looking outside the window.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, Please reach out to all local rescues, Foundations, and keep calling and calling! Try to find someone, anyone who might be able to help you take a look at this kitty. My first recommendations on placing to start looking are 1. An exam ($50 at my clinic), 2. deworm, JIC he picked up a parasite outside,, remember fleas are parasites too so they need to be assessed and addressed. 3. FeLV/FIV test. then run a blood work panel if poss ($60 for a small basic panel at my clinic). We have funds to help pets in need, maybe others… Read more »

2 years ago

I agree with Laura. I think that there is an underlying issue – medically. You need a vet. Best of luck.

2 years ago

Have you had him seen by the vet since his disappearances? When WAS his last vet visit? I’d worry he’s ill, to be quite honest.