Indoor cat, poop smells foul.We have a British Short Hair, she is 6, we got…

Indoor cat, poop smells foul.

We have a British Short Hair, she is 6, we got her when she was 3. She is an indoor cat, has never been outside.

All we know about her prior health is that during her 3 years she was bred 3 times and then put up online for sale to us.

She is on a dry food diet, the reason for this is she does not like wet food and if she does try to eat it, she throws it up, we’ve tried everything from low end price to high end, she just doesn’t seem to like it.

She drinks TONS of water, i’ve had 5 cats in my life and i’ve never known a cat to love water as much as she does. We even brought her a mini water fountain.

She eats well, she receives treats, her weight is normal. Vet checks are all fine and dandy.

Bu I would say over the last 6 months she has had some of the most foul smelling poops i’ve ever come across, it’s an immediate stench. We empty & clean her litter box once a week. There are normally 5-6 normal looking solid stools, she doesn’t bury them and she never has.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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3 years ago

Hello- Have you spoken to your vet about this during her regular visits? That is a good place to start. Also, be sure that she isn’t eating her own feces from the litter box….. some animals do that at times. I would also recommend cleaning her littler box more frequently. We have one cat, with two litter boxes that each get emptied daily. I would also ask abut bacteria or parasites at the vet. Sometimes these can be a cause of bad odors. Lastly, I would ask for information regarding digestion in general. Especially as your cat doesn’t stomach certain… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I am always very concerned when I hear about a pet who drinks excessively. I worry about kidneys, liver, etc. please see a vet. Your cat meds their help.