My 6 yr old indoor only cat had a puncture wound mid August. Not…

My 6 yr old indoor only cat had a puncture wound mid August. Not really sure how it happened but could have been our 17 yr old grumpy cat. The vet put her on antibiotics for 10 days and it seemed to heal. Mid September it opened back up with puss. Our vet did surgery to clean it out and put in drainage tube and more antibiotics . Tube stayed in for 3 days stitches for 12 days. Shortly after ending the antibiotics the wound started to open at both ends with more puss. The vet did a culture and changed the antibiotics. Several weeks later still not healed and still a little puss and seeping. He put her back on the original antibiotics and has us doing warm compress 3x day. 10 days back on the old antibiotics and it’s still not healed. He doesn’t seem that concerned that it’s been 3 months. Should it really take this long?

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I agree with you that this is a very long time for the wound to heal (or not heal). Please express your concern to your vet and if you aren’t satisfied with the answer seek a second opinion. In some cases these wounds need to be explored, cultured and then a long course of antibiotics. In rare cases a referral to a surgeon is needed. I hope this helps. Good luck. Let us know what happens.