Our 12 year old dog passed suddenly in May and our 3 yr old daughter…

Our 12 year old dog passed suddenly in May and our 3 yr old daughter was right there with me through every horrible step. At first it didn’t seem to affect her much but the last few months she has gone from being happy one minute to depressed the next and talking about the death of Tugger. Today she relived the whole day with very detailed and accurate memories. I have bought several books and have 2 more that are coming in this week. Not much a seemed to help her and i was just wondering if anyone had any insight. I certainly don’t want her to stop talking about him and remembering him, he still is a big part of our lives even 6 months after he is gone. Thank you in advance.

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Kasey Litt
5 years ago

First, I’m so sorry for your loss.  Tugger is family and was part of your daughter’s life every single day so it is natural for her to miss him and experience grief too, in my opinion.  Are you thinking about getting another companion?  You could make your daughter a key part of the decision to bring another companion animal into your home.  You will never replace Tugger but it sounds like your family has a lot of love to give.  Check out Roxy the Roxstar – it’s a new children’s book based on rescuing a dog from a rescue organization. … Read more »