fluffy is now into the second week (around 14days) of surviving a big fall with…

fluffy is now into the second week (around 14days) of surviving a big fall with huge injuries. She’s home now 2nd day and she looks cosy and warm, no purring though at all even when she likes the cuddle/scratching stuff.
1) she is drinking
2) she is eating
3) she’s done number one and two.

Im scared with the ‘handling’, i never realized just how small they are until now, they’re just tiny in terms of mouth and nose and eyes. I have so many questions don’t even know where to start so at-least if had the basics it’d help.

In terms of location, she’s on a bean bag. Should i take food to her or should i make a distinct location for rest, medication and for food? Or it doesn’t matter as she’s still in the first stages of recovery? She has so many injuries that weren’t there around her joints and on her paws, was told its bed sores..

Im just really scared and want to do what’s best. So my main questions:
1) Should the resting and feeding place should be different? If i put a treat really close to her while she’s on the beanbag she does eat..
2) Why is she cleaning in a crazy like way, to the point of pulling out fur? How can i help her?
3) How do i carry her like from the room to the kitchen to where she sees her feeding location. I am carrying her to get there but then she does walk back alone.
4) eye drops: How do administer this without stressing her? She has the feeding tube wound location still there (no tube its been removed) I cant just hold her down by her neck, maybe while she’s asleep?

She is happy to be home, i’m happy she is home too. But i have no idea what im doing 🙁 I dont want to scare her, she does honestly look like she hasn’t had the best treatment but anyways that’s a whole different thing and behind us now.

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Raylene Hoover
5 years ago

Oh Caroline. I am sorry to hear that you and your baby are going through this. One of the vets will be the best people to answer this question, but I wanted you to know that you and your kitty are in my thoughts and prayers.