I’m sat here crying because I can’t afford to buy a new cage . This…

I’m sat here crying because I can’t afford to buy a new cage . This girl just said it was too small and the bars could hurt her feet . I feel like I can’t get anything right . I’m so stressed and worried and feeling guilty … Help?

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Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

Is there any way to find a used cage?

Shiria Seelenlicht
5 years ago

I’m sorry to hear this and I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was just answering your question honestly. We all want the best for our animals and sometimes for some reason we can’t affort what is neccesary to do so. I know that cages are expensive, as I went trough that by myself. From what you wrote in your previous post one can see that you try the best for your hamster. What I said doesn’t mean you do everything wrong. You can still make her as comfortable as possible in that cage. There are a lot of suggestion… Read more »

Sue Bona
5 years ago

I’m not a hamster expert by any means but it looks ok to me. It’s difficult to see in the picture, but it looks like there’s two levels. Does it have a wheel or room to put one in? That’d be a big improvement. I don’t think the bars will be that horrible for his feet since he won’t be on them all the time. He has somewhere to get off of the bars if they do start to hurt his feet. You might want to add a couple handfuls more of shavings to see if he wants to burrow… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Please don’t get upset everything will come right in the end. Can I ask why your dad changed the other one you had?  I’ve just shown the photo of your cage to my daughter, shes had hamsters for years. She suggested you move everything downstairs so your hammy doesn’t have to go upstairs for food and water.  Then see how she copes with the wire over the next week or so. She said there is plenty of room for her downstairs and not to worry. Put lots of enrichment in there for her, chews and so on to keep her… Read more »