He seems to have bled a little from his eye, his nose is completely…

He seems to have bled a little from his eye, his nose is completely swollen out of shape and a lot of dry blood covering the nostrils (difficulty breathing through the nose) and blood was coming from his mouth (even after a few hours, but it then stopped thank goodness). I did call a vet who assessed him and said not much can be done (totally appreciate that), and gave me an injection (no idea what) to put in his back leg for pain relief which apparently lasts a few days.
Other than his head, his body is in good order and he poo’d last night and had a pee this morning. He has shown no interest in water since I brought him home yesterday and only sniffed at the food then walked away (it was mashed mackerel). As of this morning (i’m at work now) I think he was still hydrated because when I pulled the skin at the back of his neck it went back down straight away. My concern is that the 3rd eye lids are both almost completely covering his eye (even now, hubby just checked). Is that normal? I asked the vet, but was a bit evasive so wonder if this might be bad news. I was told it could be shock but it’s now been 20 hours since I found him like it. I brought his sister into the flat this morning and he seemed to perk up quite a bit, running towards her, and his 3rd eye lid reduced a bit, but now it’s back to almost completely covering the eye. Should I try to force water down him in a syringe? Should I be worried about the 3rd eye lid and if not now, how long can it stay like that (ie at what point should I start worrying, if at all). Last thing, is there anything you would recommend (medicinal or otherwise) to make him more comfy? Thanks so much

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