I’m only 16 and my family got our dogs when we were financially situated. But…

I’m only 16 and my family got our dogs when we were financially situated. But now we have financial problems and the dogs are too old to give away. Q: Dog as CHF, she can’t sleep. Help me. Please. What do I do? What do I give her?

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

Sounds like your family has spent money to see vets — so now your mother needs to review what she is doing, and she needs to call back one of the vets to get some advice.  She should tell the vet what meds she is giving the dog, and the amounts.  The vet will probably want to see the dog again, but maybe they will be able to correct the situation just by making sure your mom is giving the correct dosage.   I have a foster dog with CHF and after being on meds for 3 months now he… Read more »

5 years ago

no one can answer that question – this is an emergency situation, and only your vet can tell you what will help her.

5 years ago

what drugs is she on for it?  it sounds like it’s out of control.  i understand you have financial problems but heart failure is fatal if uncontrolled.  can your parents get Care Credit?  

Margrit Simons
5 years ago

Hi Tiffany; If you contact or see a Vet and she dies, at least you will have a clear conscience and not have to live with guilt!