I need help. My cats are spraying! I am a client at Jarrettsville vet. I have 5 indoor/outdoor make cats …

I need help. My cats are spraying! I am a client at Jarrettsville vet. I have 5 indoor/outdoor male cats and 2 dogs and they are all rescues. The cats were dropped off on our road at different times and I brought them in and kept them indoors for a year but they screamed for an entire year and darted for the doors and I finally gave up and let them go out. They have all been neutered and the one female dog was spayed. The cats have a litter box but only use it when it’s raining outside or snowing and even then it’s usually only 1 cat. Otherwise they prefer to come and go through their pet door and relieve themselves outside. I have noticed a few of them over the years spray once or twice but I’ve cleaned up the areas and never had a real problem with it or at least I thought. I recently fostered 2 kittens for 5 weeks. They were confined to a bedroom for the most part but were allowed to roam when my cats were outside. The kittens went to their forever home on Saturday. I have noticed in the last week that 4 of my cats are spraying everywhere!! Repeatedly. One of them sprayed 3 times today within 30 minutes. Twice on 2 different spots on the couch I was sitting on. I cleaned each spot right away as I noticed. I moved to lie on the floor to let my babies and he followed me and sprayed on the built in behind my head. I picked him up immediately and put him outside and told him no in a firm voice. I imagine that the kittens probably have something to do with this since cats are very territorial but I don’t know what to do to get them to stop. I’m not sure if I’m using the right cleaning products. I’m using “no more spray” by nature’s miracle. I don’t know if maybe they have a physical issue going on so I don’t want to rule that out. I’m now wondering if they’ve always sprayed a lot and I just didn’t notice it. But I have a very keen since of smell and I think I would have noticed it. I am NOT giving up my cats!! I love my babies ! I need help to end this! PLEASE HELP!

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Hello, This is often a multi factorial issue. And therefore it is a harder fix to resolve. It always should start with making sure everyone is healthy and there are no urinary issues present. That requires and exam bloodwork and urine check on all cats. Which can be costly I know. Next we make sure there are enough litter boxes. One for each cat and then one extra. All let’s must be spayed and neutered. After that we address behavior issues. Like stress markings and territorial marking. If all else levies to not help we talk about feliway pheromones, separating… Read more »