I just brought home a foster dog & was told he is about 2 yrs old, brought …

I just brought home a foster dog & was told he is about 2 yrs old, brought north from a hoarding case in GA. I noticed his ears right away and asked about them. I was told “well he came from a hoarding situation.” I’m concerned that it needs treatment or is contagious to other dogs or people. It’s now been about 5 hrs with him & I haven’t seen him itch even once. He seems physically healthy, emotionally he is frightened. But zero aggression & allows me to pick him up. Unrelated, I was given a 5 day course of dewormer “just in case.”
I’ve attached a pic.
Thank you for your help.

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10 months ago

Good morning – thank you so much for rescuing. I assume that you are heading to your vet right away for a regular visit since he is new? If not, I would start there. I highly recommend a primary visit whenever adding a new pet to the household. This will 1- help you find out how up to date (bring any and all paperwork, and a stool sample) your new pet is on vaccinations, preventatives, etc. 2- it will help you and your vet both assess the personality of your new pet. 3- it will help you find out if… Read more »

10 months ago

Again- I would go to my own vet. Especially if you are eagerly awaiting a response.

Krista Magnifico
9 months ago

Crushing at the edge of the pinna can be a huge number of things. Start at the vets office and give it time. Most heal over a few weeks and grow back normally. But I always start with looking at parasites, infection, poor nutrition and poor husbandry. Your vet can help. Thank you for rescuing!