You know how humans get bad injuries in a joint and later on when the…

You know how humans get bad injuries in a joint and later on when the weather gets wet or cold it aches? Can that happen in cats too? One of my cats had what we thought was a broken paw when someone found her in the garbage (she was a week old). She limped when she first walked, but the limp went away. Now that it’s so wet and cold, she’s limping on the same foot. It’s a slight limp, but she puts the paw up when she stops walking.

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Pete Wedderburn
7 years ago

This is an interesting question: one of the challenges for vets is trying to understand what pets feel, and in particular, trying to understand their pain perception. Areas of inflammation – such as a damaged paw – may well have get "achey" from time to time, such as after exercise, or in cold weather, just like in humans. One of the newer advances in veterinary medicine is better, safer pain relief for pets. It would make sense for you to have your cat checked over by your veterinarian, and if a focus of pain is identified, she could benefit from… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

The answer is that "yes" many of the same diseases, illnesses, and responses to them are the same in both humans and pets.. An old injury, especially to a bone causes osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease and any person who has this will tell you that they feel it most often when it’s cold or wet out. The definitive way to diagnose this is with an x-ray. The best treatment option is to keep your cat at an optimal weight, well muscled (getting plenty of exercise) and keep lots of well cushioned surfaces around. Any pet that is limping or… Read more »