Just a few hours ago our dog was lying down like she normally does. She…

Just a few hours ago our dog was lying down like she normally does. She got up and started walking around slowly for a bit and appeared to be slightly limping. It also seems like she is in a bit of pain. I’ve noticed everything she does seems really slow now, for example just a few minutes ago she went to go lie down on the couch and when she was climbing up she stopped midway through, just looking around then finally jumped up. We won’t be able to get her into a vet until tomorrow, is there anything we can do right now to help her? We have absolutely no idea how this started, she was fine earlier today.

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Kristen Vance
6 years ago

Hi Matthew!

While I know this is disconcerting, I would just advise rest until you can get her into your veterinarian. It is not safe to give most human pain medications to your dog and it might also mask the problem for your veterinarian in the morning.

If her signs get worse and you do not feel as though she can wait til tomorrow- is there an emergency clinic you could take her to?

Dr Kristen Vance
Homeward Bound Mobile Veterinary Services