Hi, What is the best thing to give my active little chewers to naw on? …


What is the best thing to give my active little chewers to naw on? I was told by a breeder to give they bully sticks, but I’d prefer to know your thoughts since you take care of my babies. Piper chews a lot and Willoughby loves the distraction. With the new food you gave us his itchiness is much less, he being more social and is welcoming belly rubs and petting him because it doesn’t drive him crazy to be touched. So much improved. But I would like to buy them something to chew on based on your recommendation.

Kristie, Piper, Hope, Willoughby and Wrenley

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GOod morning? We use nylabones a lot. They like them and they last for a while. I also, as a treat, give rawhides, but I worry about choking, so they only get those when we are with them, to supervise. My guys will also occasionally find an antler in our woods and drag that home. They love it, but the points worry me, so I have my husband cut them off and file them down. I’ve no idea what tool(s) he uses, but it works. Out of all of them though, the ny.abones are my preferred because I feel they’re… Read more »

Krista Magnifico

Here’s my favorites for my pups.

Krista Magnifico

King toys with organic peanut butter (gotta be sure there is no xylitol in it).

Krista Magnifico

Kong. Lol. They even. Make tiny sizes!