hi,i have just started to keep a few hens.only had them a week and i…

hi,i have just started to keep a few hens.only had them a week and i have one that has stopped eating.it has not had any food for about a couple of days.do not know what to do when i feed them it just stands and watches the others eat.

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Kate McKelvie
5 years ago

Hi John. Is the food spread out enough that there isn’t too much competition over it? There should be enough food left over so that stragglers can eat later. Look at her nostrils and listen to her breathing, checking for an upper respiratory infection. I would also feel her neck below the beak (her crop,) and see if you feel a large lump there. If so, or of she seems stuffy, I would take her to a vet who treats birds. Also check the bottoms of her feet, looking for abscesses. Is she moving around normally? I would also use… Read more »

Kate McKelvie
5 years ago

Also, they need grit to help them break down chicken feed, if your soil is soft and loamy, or they are in a small enclosure…
Mine are free range, and forage in rocky, gritty soil, so they don’t need that supplement.

Kate McKelvie
5 years ago

John, if you’re not finding anything off about her, I think the solution could be as simple as offering food in a second area. Some birds are so low in the pecking order that they need another feeding station.
I hope this solves her problem!

Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

A number of the holistic veterinarians write about chickens, so search for one you can ask by phone. Edward DeBeukelaer writes of chicken cases in his book so you may want to contact him (the book would not be that much help to you yet. bahvs.com will help you find one.  You can learn a number of therapies that can help, even when people know not what the problem is – Reiki (which can be used long distance – see below), acupressure, & flower essence therapy, all of which are 100% safe to use for any problems. There are many more approaches… Read more »