They are hiding behind a potted plant in the corner of the wall, I tried…

They are hiding behind a potted plant in the corner of the wall, I tried coaxing them out with kitten food and calling to them, whistling etc but they won’t come out. I also put a box outside with a blanket inside but they never went to it. The fence is very high so they can’t get out. I’m just scared they will die if I don’t take care of them

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Pete Wedderburn
5 years ago

The best thing is to just leave the food out for them. They are likely to be frightened of humans and won’t come near people until they are tamed….. which is a slow, gradual process. Best just to leave out food for them twice daily, and once they are eating it, maybe try and sit somewhere close to them. They will gradually get used to your presence, and you may then eventually tame them.

PK Dennis
5 years ago

You mentioned a box for them — they may like the box better if it is closed up with a cat sized hole cut in the side.  Just leave it near where they are hiding. Wet food will tempt their appetites better than dry, so try adding a little milk if you were offering them dry.  Of course canned food with get their attention quicker. As Pete mentioned taming these little ones will be a slow process, but they will smell your scent on the food dish which will get things started. Sitting as far away as you can once… Read more »

Skye Bellantoni
5 years ago

Had a similar situation while back as well. What the first 2 comments stated will give you a good start.
Hopefully its not cold where you are like it was for me. I did the closed box with a small hole on the side facing them. I also put a water proof electric blanket on the bottom of the box.
The one I had was weight sensitive so it wouldn’t just stay on until the cat or dog actually laid on it.

Anyway good luck to you and the kittens.