I own a male neo mastiff which is like around 5+ years old. All these…

I own a male neo mastiff which is like around 5+ years old. All these days it was good in aspects of his health except a few surgeries he had undergone like cherry eye in both his eyes which I heard that it was quite common in this breed.But nowadays he is not eating his food properly except his favorite chicken and Mutton and not even eggs.Consulting a veterinarian told that everything is normal after a few medical check ups including blood test.But still the problem couldn’t be diagnosed but the doctor told it may due to some nutritional deficiencies.I am too nervous that he didn’t have his food from 2 days.
Kindly advice on this. Is this a problem caused due to gas trouble

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Andrea Cox
Andrea Cox(@andreacox)
5 years ago

He could have a stomach issue that doesn’t show up in blood work. If he hasn’t eaten in a couple days I think it’s time to go back to the vet.  Ultrasound or X ray to make sure he isn’t blocked up or eaten something bad like a sock. Is he in good spirits? Lonely? Stressed? If nothing has changed then maybe time for a 2nd opinion. You can try a new vet and they will order the tests from the old vet and start from there.. nutrition deficiencies should show up on blood work I think. Be gentle and… Read more »

Andrea Cox
Andrea Cox(@andreacox)
5 years ago

Wanted to add.. If he has gas then yes it could hurt his belly but that could indicate his body doesn’t agree with the food and needs to be slowly changed up.. He could have a food allergy and sometimes it takes patience and effort to figure animals out. They can develop allergies later on or at any age.