Hi I have a six month old puppy 6.5 kgs, what is the best…

Hi I have a six month old puppy 6.5 kgs, what is the best wormer and flea treatment to buy without prescription in the uk. She is fit and well. Thanks

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5 years ago

HI Julia, I’m in the USA so not familiar with what is available overseas. However, I will always buy flea and wormer from my vet. It may be a bit cheaper over the counter, but the products your vet sells are usually superior and are also guaranteed by the manufacturer (usually) to be effective. A lot of products that you can get at a regular store may be cheap, but usually don’t work and even worse can cause very severe reactions in some pets. Talk to your vet and be on the safe side! Good luck and congrats on your… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Hello Julia, I am from the UK like you. 

Pet Shop flea treatments/wormers don’t work or they work for a week and can cause a reaction. I buy them for my dogs onlne, they are a lot cheaper than from a Vet. 

You don’t need a prescription for Frontline flea treatment would be cheaper because of the weight of your dog-the price goes up as the weight goes up. 

I would strongly advise you buy a gentle wormer for your puppy. Panacur liquid is excellent You can also buy it online.