My fiancee and I adopted a female rottweiler mix from the humane society I was…

My fiancee and I adopted a female rottweiler mix from the humane society I was volunteering at 1 year and 9 days ago (yes we fell in love with her). Fiancee hated dogs and I’ve always loved dogs and when he saw her and she pawed at him he knew that she was the one. So for the last year we’ve been giving her love, treats, and more treats, and jogs and everything a dog could love. I work from home so I’m always with her. She was 2.5 when we adopted her. Loves people and belly rubs. She had just been spayed when we adopted her. Flash forward almost a year.

I was outside with her, noticed a tick on her, and immediately brought her in and properly took it out. We had an appointment coming up in a few weeks with her so I figured I”d bring it in with me. I felt the rest of her body and noticed a small bump with a little bump attached to it moving freely near her second last mammary gland. It was about .5 of an inch, maybe even smaller. She had had one on her back end when we first took her to the vet after adopting her and the vet said it was just a gland or a hair the was ingrown and it would pop. It did but I figured that this time around I should probably get it checked. I watched it up until her appointment and it hadn’t grown in size at all.

I took her in to the vet for her appointment and the vet immediately said it was malignant cancer and that her lymph node was swollen. He said we could wait and see or remove it. I said remove it right away. My fiancee and I agreed before the appointment that if it was cancerous we would cancel our upcoming wedding in December and put our money into saving her life. She’s our ring bearer and quite honestly our best friend.

We didn’t even hesitate. We scheduled her surgery for two days later. The vet never offered any x-rays to be taken so we didn’t know that was an option until I started researching.

So, she just had her surgery and apparently they didn’t take her lymph node out because they didn’t see any sign of cancer in the lymph node when they did the fine needle (they did it in three places). They did blood work and took out her nipple and a large portion of where the bump had been. They are sending the samples away and we should know next week if it had metastasized and if it was malignant or benign.

They said the surgery went perfectly and he didn’t see anything in any of her other organs but that we weren’t out of the woods yet. Which we both understand. As our first dog together, we’re trying our best. The vet was great in explaining everything but now we’re waiting till next week until the results come back. He said he also did a test for lyme’s disease in case because her pancreas was a little inflamed, but he couldn’t figure out why.
She’s recovering well and still loves her food but as first time together pet owners (besides our guinea pigs) we’re still on edge so I’d love some insight into prognosis or someone else opinion on what the next steps could be.
How quickly do mammary gland tumours pop up. Was I too late in finding it?
If it did metastasize before it was removed are chemo treatments available for our dog and what is the outlook?
Should we continue taking her in if the tumour was benign just to make sure that another one doesn’t pop up.

Obviously I know I can’d ask for a professional opinion but if someone can give us a little more information on their personal experiences and the treatment and possible prognosis that would be great. We know that if you don’t spay your dog soon enough it increases the risk of mammary gland tumours so we’re wondering if that’s what happened. Thanks so much for anyone reading this and hopefully we’re doing the right thing.

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