Hi, what is your opinion on commercial dog food vs “people” food (chicken, safe veg…

Hi, what is your opinion on commercial dog food vs “people” food (chicken, safe veg or fruit)?

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PK Dennis
4 years ago

I feed raw, and have raised 11 dogs this way since 1996.  For my dogs it is a far superior diet.  But this diet is not for all dogs, and not for all people.  It takes more work to feed raw – much easier to walk into a pet store, read a bag to make sure you are getting a quality product – then set up a dog food recall alert online (you MUST do this since so many dog food companies have had multiple recalls these days). I raised mostly short-legged terriers from Scotland (Cairns, a Scottie, a Westie,… Read more »

PK Dennis
4 years ago

Just so you know: puppies can be fed raw – starting as soon as their are eating food other than mom’s milk. You would need to feed them ground meat and bones, not whole bones. As they get bigger and can chew they would start getting soft bones like frames (the ribs of poultry with most of the meat removed). My puppies start eating these types of raw meaty bones when they are about 12 weeks old. Have you raised human children? Did you stay awake sleepless at night wondering if you were providing all the nutrients they need in… Read more »

Dawn Ferara, DVM
4 years ago

Personally, I prefer commercial diets.  Homemade “people food” can be used if you do your research and keep food full of micronutrients dogs need.  Many people start out with great intentions and get lazy and the dog suffers because of it.  

If you are using commercial diets, higher quality diets are what’s best.  However, smaller dog food companies don’t get the quality checks that larger dog food companies are capable.  For this reason, I don’t like smaller dog food companies.

4 years ago

i readily feed both. i do not feed primarily homemade, nor do i feed raw, because i honestly don’t want to have to make sure i’m feeding a balanced diet every day.  instead, i feed a high quality kibble and use “people food” as treats.  when i showed my dobe, i’d use leftover very thin slices of steak (rinsed of all spices and seasonings) as bait in the show ring.  i’ve used higher end hot dogs sliced and nuked until dry as training treats.  i tend to avoid chicken because i don’t like having to lug a cooler bag with… Read more »