Hi my name is courtney I am going to get a cat next year but…

Hi my name is courtney I am going to get a cat next year but undecided weather to get a ginger Tom or a tabby, but Internet say tabbies are Intolerent, distant and temperamental what is everyones opinion ? ?

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Sandra Sellers
5 years ago

Personally I’ve had 7 different cats over the past 20 years. I’ve had boy and girl cats and different breeds.  Every cat is different and you never know which cat will be cuddly or aloof.  I don’t think there’s a magic formula for knowing which cat to get.  My opinion is that boy cats can be “momma’s boys” and will be more social and loving then girls who can be aloof.  I have a fat boy who follows me everywhere like a dog and loves to be rubbed and sit next to me but I also have a small girl… Read more »

Vicki Hamill
5 years ago

I have been rescuing cats for 30 years. I love Tabbys ! It is how you treat him …don’t get a kitten because their personality can change later. Get a cat that you can tell is quiet or docile, active or affectionate. Spend time with the one you are interested in .