He has been staying with me and my family since he was 5 months old…

He has been staying with me and my family since he was 5 months old and now he is 2 and half years old.
He has bitten me thrice and my father, sister once.

Most of the time he bit us because we touched his food or we stopped him from doing something, the most common being barking at strangers. If we try to stop him he gets very aggressive and bites us.

As far as his food is concerned, on many occasions I have myself fed him with my own hands and the other times if I tell him to eat his food and if I touch his bowl he starts growling. And then he advances to bite me.

Please suggest something as now he is biting everyone on very petty issues and he tends to forget me and others on some occasions. Like today I was standing near him(near the main door) and when my sister came to hand me my mobile, I stepped outside while receiving it and when I took it into my hands(the mobile), he bit me.

I play with him, I take him on walks and most of all I love him but because of his aggression everyone in my family is against keeping him.
Please help

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5 years ago

is he cleared of all health problems?  when was his last vet visit to address this issue specifically?