Hi, my 3 year old French bulldog was just diagnosed with IVDD this past Saturday. All last …

Hi, my 3 year old French bulldog was just diagnosed with IVDD this past Saturday. All last week she was perfectly fine being her normal self and Saturday morning we found her dragging her back legs, unable to walk. We quickly rushed her to the vet and received the bad news. Surgery was the first recommendation but was far too expensive. We decided to try laser treatments and medication along with keeping her in the crate resting. Today she had her 3rd laser treatment. I’m devastated and just want her to get better. My question today is, if the treatments start working, when should we start seeing improvement? At what point should we try starting physical therapy? & what type of exercises do we do with her with her back legs paralyzed? How will we get her to take those first steps with her back legs if the treatments work? How will we know when and if it is working? She has been eating a little and urinating but it has just been coming out. She has not had a bowl movement since Saturday night and I am concerned about this. I watched your videos on YouTube of Hank, and it gave me a lot of hope for my frenchie. Please tell me what more I can do to help her get back on her feet. Thank you so much for your help at this time!

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your pup. Please understand that every case is unique and it’s not possible to answer your questions without seeing your dog and monitoring their progress. Almost daily. As I say on my blog and YouTube channel these cases require very close supervision and constant monitoring. Some cases improve quickly others not much or at all. Please consider finding a vet who will be there for you everyday should you need them. In my cases I check in daily. Use email and assign a tech to help them if I am not at work for… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I think this book is super helpful too