Hi I NEED HELP MY PUPPY Was fine just an hr or two ago now…

Hi I NEED HELP MY PUPPY Was fine just an hr or two ago now he started stumbling and throwing up wat can I give him I can’t take him to the vet I DNT have any money 🙁 to take him to a vet

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Beth James
5 years ago

Yes, he needs to see a vet asap.  I understand having no money, believe me.  What I have done, literally, is bounce a check to the vet. Then I paid him a week later and acted stupid about what was in my bank account.  The vet can wait a week for payment.  IMHO, if the vet says they love animals so much, yet it is all about money.

5 years ago

you need to prioritize your puppy’s health.  he NEEDS a vet NOW.  sell things if you have to, but it’s your responsibility to make sure he’s healthy and safe.  that means taking him to the vet when he needs it.

Margrit Simons
5 years ago

There may be financial assistance available from the Farley Foundation through your vet (Ontario) Ask your vet!

Sophie Baker
5 years ago

are there any other symptoms?