Well I’m a big sucker and agreed to take him home. He had lived with…

Well I’m a big sucker and agreed to take him home. He had lived with other cats and dogs in the past but not for about six months. He’s been home with me since Thanksgiving and lives in a bedroom all by himself basically. We have 3 other cats and 3 dogs. He’s warmed up to 1 dog, and that’s all. We’ve tried everything to help him integrate. Even Jaxson Galaxy’s spirit oils and he’s still terrified of the other cats and 2 dogs. Any suggestions? Just keep on going and give him more time? We all try and spend as much time as we can with him and he loves the people in the house, I just worry he’s lonely.

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Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

Older cats can certainly have trouble adjusting. I have found that ones I have been treating holistically usually (100% so far) have adjusted very easily. Others, coming from varied backgrounds, have taken a wide range of times to adjust. Brighthaven sanctuary for years adopted 16 year old and older cats to a forever home. they used flower essences (great that you tried Jackon’s), homeopathy, Reiki, and TLC and most seemed to adjust well – one lived to 34 and many to 28-30.  There are so many different things you can continue to try while you are being patient and giving him… Read more »