Hi, My dog has very recently bitten my 10 year old. …

Hi, My dog has very recently bitten my 10 year old. I cannot keep her as I don’t want an aggressive dog and my daughter is scared of her. I have contacted many rehoming centres and they are unable to take her. What can I do now?

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Debby Hartten
5 years ago

Agree with all responses. A professional animal behaviorist can be brought in to assess your dog as well. Kids need to be trained about interaction with pets as well. So all aspects should be considered

Shiria Seelenlicht
5 years ago

This is really a difficult situation. I can udnerstand that your daughter is scared now, but just because a dog has bitten, it doesn’t mean it is agressive. It can have several reasons like pain, sickness, fear and many others. What was the situation when she has bitten? Was she eating or playing with a toy? Maybe she was in pain and your daugher accidently touched her were it hurts. I would go to a vet and have her checked. Depending on where you live rehoming centres wont take dogs that have bitten, as it is hard for such dogs… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Hi Suzanne….this is a difficult question to answer.  Firstly what happened when your daughter was bitten? Was she pulling your dog around and pestering her? If that is the case its really not your dogs fault. Any dog will only tolerate so much pulling and poking before they retaliate, and they will give several warning growls first. Children should never ever be allowed to pull animals around.  If it was a totally unprovoked attack then you really cannot pass the problem onto someone else to deal with.  Rescues will not take dogs that have bitten. Which is no doubt why… Read more »