hi i have a five year dog. His name is Timci. In a last…

hi i have a five year dog. His name is Timci. In a last two weeks he eats very less food. He has a habit of kill rats after that he is ill. we consult a doctor and he give him a medicine.but it doesn’t work. Because he does not take his medicine. when we tried to give him a medicine he become angry. In fact he also doesn’t take his dog food. last two or three days he has fever also he eat nothing how can we give a medicine? and please also give me some tips to give him a medicine
please reply
I will be waiting

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Jana Rade
5 years ago

Hi Muskaan, I take it the medicine is antibiotics? If so, ask your vet about injectable form. Either way, please do talk to your vet about being unable to follow through with the treatment and about what the situation is.