Hi I have one dog been desexed and is nearly 5yrs old who leaves a…

Hi I have one dog been desexed and is nearly 5yrs old who leaves a puddle of water at her bottom end on the floor
Pup is 10mth old he can go do pees outside but he needs to come inside to poo I have tried a few things but still don’t work.

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

Outside to poo, no poo — back into his crate!  Outside to poo…no poo?  Back into his crate!  Outside to poo….  well you should have the idea by now.  If he doesn’t poo, he needs to be contained so he does not get a chance to poo inside the house.  Then when he finally poos outside, have a party like Laura says below.

5 years ago

i know spayed bitches can end up with incontinence, and i have read this may be caused by spaying.  there are medications that will control the incontinence.  get her to the vet, make sure she’s cleared of a UTI, and discuss medical options.  i know in the US we have a drug called Proin which seems to work well, and others have had success with cornsilk depending on the severity. for the puppy, take him outside, walk him around, and make sure he goes outside.  when he does, throw a party!  act like he just did the best thing ever,… Read more »