Hi, how do I clean a large area of a carpet that has smelled of…

Hi, how do I clean a large area of a carpet that has smelled of dog pee for abt a yr? I rent so there is no option of ripping up carpet/pad. Please any other suggestions? Urine specific cleaners have not worked. Thanks!

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Tina Harrison
5 years ago

baking soda

PK Dennis
5 years ago

Vinegar, vinegar, vinegar.  Mix 1/3 white vinegar (look for “Cleaning Vinegar” at Walmart, right beside the regular white vinegar, but use the regular one if you can’t find the ‘cleaning’ strength), to 2/3 water.  You need to get the vinegar mix to where the urine is — which is most likely the padding UNDER the carpet.   Go buy a black light (probably can find this at Walmart too), turn off all light sources at night and crawl around your room(s) on your hands and knees with that black light and look for greenish-yellow spots.  You may not find any… Read more »

Sandra Mully
5 years ago

Hi, I’ve always managed to clean every stain or smell using this method: Spray the soiled area with upholstery/carpet cleaner (I use one of the car upholstery cleaners) – rub it with some hard scrubing brush until it foams. Then spray with white vinegar, rub it again and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then use steam vacuum cleaner. I use it on full steam and vacuum power with a hard brush adapter, so I’m steaming it and rubbing it at the same time until it foams (all the dirt is visible in the foam) and then I vacuum the… Read more »