Hi I am getting a giant schnauzer puppy form breeder who feed pro plan…

Hi I am getting a giant schnauzer puppy form breeder who feed pro plan dog food and I want to what else I can feed that is very high good dog food

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Lindsey Knouse
4 years ago

As long as it is a labeled puppy food, that is the first step. Since he is a larger breed you should consider a “large breed puppy” food since he grows more rapidly and needs different levels of calcium. I like pro-plan and if you change brands you’ll just want to do so gradually so you don’t upset his stomach. In general, I don’t recommend grocery store brands since they are not as well tested also avoid anything with food coloring/red dyes. Stay away from the marketing scam of “grain free” foods- they aren’t necessary. Pro-plan, Science Diet, Iams, Royal… Read more »

Lindsey Knouse
4 years ago

Why? I’m always curious and try to keep an open mind. They are scientifically tested to be well-balanced diets for dogs and have many veterinary nutritionists on staff, which most brands do not.

4 years ago

Lindsey, part of it is the grain-free craze. i’m not a fan of the corn often found in lower-end foods. i also recognize some dogs simply do better on them, just like some people actually need to eat trash food to avoid being ill.

i hope that explains it.