Hi I have a 3 month old maltese shitzu and I also have a…

Hi I have a 3 month old maltese shitzu and I also have a long haired manx cat.I am concerned that my puppy is getting a lot of cat hair in her mouth. can you tell me is it dangerous for her to be ingesting/inhaling quite a bit of cat hair.

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Jana Rade
5 years ago

Extreme amount of ingested hair, I imagine, could potentially lead to an obstruction of sorts. Moderate amount of hair never caused issues in our dogs. Cookie, when she eats a squirrel, she eats the whole thing, including the tail, hair and all, and never had an issue with it. Inhaling hair WOULD of course be an issue but I don’t think that’s that likely and would present as coughing, I imagine.

Did you ever try FURminator for your cat? Works wonderfully removing all loose hairs; our son uses it for his cats. They have products specifically for cats.