Hi, I have a 19 year old female cat she started losing control of her…

Hi, I have a 19 year old female cat she started losing control of her back legs. She has kidney problem and is on melds. Why is her legs doing this
Thank you

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Beth James
5 years ago

So sorry.   We had to put our cat of 17 years down on Halloween due to the same symptoms.  It was very very difficult and lot of grief.     Our cat was losing weight, we tried everything from human baby food (recommended by our vet), to pudding or ice cream.  He was drinking a lot of water too.  When our cat could no longer walk or make it to the litter box, was too underweight and he did not purr.  Obviously, he was suffering.  Our vet said you can’t stop old age, very true.  Vet told me 17… Read more »

Beth James
5 years ago

You as well. I know how awful it is to see your animal get older. Time goes by so fast! As long as you know your kitty isn’t in any pain, I am sure Alley wants to be with you. Difficult time for you right now. Remember there are a lot of people who understand. One day, I broke out in tears in the produce section of our grocery store. (Funny now, but not at the time)….very emotional…we love our cats. They are like having a kid….hope everything will be okay.