My cat has had a ear hematoma for 7 months .i have not taken him…

My cat has had a ear hematoma for 7 months .i have not taken him to the vet because i was told it would go down. Will it ever go down? Should i take him to a vet? Thanks.

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Krista Magnifico
4 years ago

I agree with julie. Your cat needs to see a vet. After this long there is almost no chance that there is still fluid in the ear pinna. I would guess it has all hardened into causing the ear to look shriveled and deformed. Which is not treatable or correctable. I also worry about cancer. Please see your vet.

Julia Morrell
4 years ago

first, stop vaccinating as the toxins add an increased chance of tumors and supress the immune system.

Julie Brader
4 years ago

Hi, if your cat has had a hematoma for 7 months, he needs to see a Vet. Chances of it healing itself after this long are remote. There could be infection present in the ear also. So yes, do take him to your Vet. Hope your cat recovers soon.