Our dog benji who is nearly 14, has suffered with his joints for a few…

Our dog benji who is nearly 14, has suffered with his joints for a few years now. Over last few months he has lost a healthy amount of weight and has become a lot better walking. Last night after he collapsed and couldn’t move and his joints were cold. I eventually managed to pick him up and move him and placed him somewhere warmer. I thought he just over excerted himself. We took benji to vets this morning on doing X-ray benji is bleeding internally due to burst blood vessel and vet said beat thing is to put him to sleep as the vet does not want to operate as he does not think he will survive. He is in no pain so have brought him home so we can spend tonight and everyone can say goodbye. We then have to take him tomorrow to be put to sleep. If there nothing more we can do as he is our world. Thanks for any advice.

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Jana Rade
5 years ago

Rachel, so sorry about your dog. It’s always hard to accept the end of things. Do you have a specialty hospital or a teaching hospital near you? It wouldn’t hurt to talk to them and see what they think. I don’t want to give you false hope but after Jasmine’s hyperthermia horror, the ER too recommended to put her to sleep. We took her to the teaching hospital and they were able to diagnose her properly and fixed her up (though it took a week in the ICU). Internal bleeding might not be fixable but there is no harm in… Read more »