Help my dog BIT his much smaller doggie sister when she went to his…

Help my dog BIT his much smaller doggie sister when she went to his food bowl
the bite was very aggressive resulted in her loosing an eye 🙁
heartbroken & devastated
Do not feel I can have them live together

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Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

There are some very good dog behavior specialists that can help you with this. When my husband and I first met we each had a dog and they got into it several times, at least once resulting in my smaller dog going to the vet and getting stitches. We sought advice and training for both U.S. and the dogs. Together we learned how to help them and after that first six months they live happily together for about eight more years. I hope your situation improves and that you and your pets are safe and happy very soon.

Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

start with your vet and ask if they know of any dog behavior specialists in your area.

Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

One more thing, now that I think about it, my two always fought when there was food around as well. One dog was a lab mix and the other a Jack Russell so just like you – one was large and one was small and it was always the smaller dog that took the brunt of the fight just because she was smaller. I ended up separating them whenever they ate or were around food/treats which wasn’t very difficult to do. I hope your little dog is doing well!

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

HI Maureen,Lots of dogs have this problem. Imagine someone coming over to your plate of food and grabbing things off the plate. It’s not something that you’d appreciate either. The best thing you can do is to feed your dogs APART. Put bowls on opposite sides of the room and then teach your dogs to not go near one another until they are done eating. It may mean leashing the dog that finishes food so that when it’s done, you can easily control where it goes. If this is the only area of aggression, it is an easy fix and… Read more »