i have had my dog for almost 20 years. the first two years i had…

i have had my dog for almost 20 years. the first two years i had her , her uterus would come almost completely out when she went into heat but would go back. she hasnt went into heat in over 3 years and three days ago i noticed her uterus sticking out a bit. for the first two days she was a bit lethargic then i realized she was not getting up to eat or drink so i started giving her water and chicken broth now she is alert and drinking and eating on her own but her uterus has small discolored spot on it and that never happened before. at this moment i have no money to take her to a vet.

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julie brader
5 years ago

Hello Pam…..your dog is an extremely good age!  It sounds as if she has a prolapsed uterus.  I very much doubt there is anything you can do to correct this problem yourself.  You do have to take her to a Vet and quite urgently…..she could pick up infections ect with part of her uterus on the outside and the black spot does need to be identified. The usual treatment for this would be to spay her but due to her age perhaps hormonal treatment may be an option.  I’m sorry if you don’t have the money to take her but… Read more »

Robin Laybolt
5 years ago

I totally agree with Julie on everything she said. I know the vet can get costly but that is what happens when you own a pet. The only thing that I have notice Julie never mention but I’m sire she meant to is, please do not pust her uterus back up yourself that could be really dangerous and could cause alot more unwanted vet bills. Also the black spot on her uterus could be cancer. Please bring her to the vet so she can get the proper help that she needs. Good luck.