My name is Oogii. I have a German shepherd dog who is 8 years…

My name is Oogii. I have a German shepherd dog who is 8 years old.
He lives in Mongolia. Last few days, he has been sick and can’t walk. His back two legs are in so much pain and can’t lift his body. My parents took him animal hospital unfortunately new doctors couldn’t diagnose him well. But one of the experienced doctors told us it is probably nerve damage on his lower spine. He gave to him some drug for his nerve damage. He also said surgery won’t help him. We really don’t want put him to sleep.
Please, I really need your advice. Is there any helpful massages and drugs we could try? If you need his specific pictures, I can send it to you guys.

Thank you so much
Sincerely Oyuntugs G

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Oogii, I am sorry to hear about your GS’s problems. Sadly, as magnificent as these dogs are they have quite a few problems specific to their breed. One of them is degerative myelopathy. It is a disease where the nerves lose ability to talk to the body and most often affects the back legs and ascends forward. It usually leaves them paralyzed from the waist down. There is not a cure for the disease, and there are very few treatment options. In general, we recommend starting to investigate tools for pets that have difficulty ambulating, like a cart. I… Read more »