Hello, My cat has gone under right ear Hematoma surgery on Sunday. 15 stitches and a…

My cat has gone under right ear Hematoma surgery on Sunday. 15 stitches and a 2-3 cm single cut has been made to drain the blood and prevent the ear from filling up again, plus antibiotic syrop. After two days it got swollen up again, we came for a check in – the vet stuck a metal thing in the cut, popping up the liquids (not blood), without draining them completely (the cat hid in it’s bag and the vet didn’t even try to proceed until full disinfection), sold me a cleaning fluid and send me home telling me I need to clean his ear everyday (how can I, unequipped drain the liquids and disinfect them at home?) , until we get into check in again. What I’m asking is, how professional is it to send a client who paid good money for his pet to be rid of his ear problem by surgery intervention to be sent home to clean the skin around the closed cut of a filled with liquids ear (probably even with an infection) will help the ear to heal? Should I try another vet? Or is it alright for the ear to get swollen after surgery and will cleaning, outside without draining the fluids, help?

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4 years ago

Hello- Sorry about your troubles. My first piece of advice would be that if you aren’t comfortable with your vet/vet office, speak to them about it and voice your concerns. If after that you still don’t feel good about them, then I would find avet that you do trust. Secondly, hematoma take a lot of time to heal or reabsorb. It is not uncommon for them to fill up again. I would call the vet you are currently using today, express your concerns and see if they have anything else to advise you as far as how to go about… Read more »